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Responsive Web Design – Increase Mobile Traffic



Responsive Web Design allows a website to fluidly change and respond to any display size or device.

Early Experiences

Early users of smart phones and tablets were frequently frustrated when trying to view web content that was designed for computer access. Early mobile users found that web sites often took more time to load on certain devices than the users were willing to invest and when they did load, displays were incomprehensible and/or incomplete. Viewing content typically involved resizing, panning, scrolling, and frequent navigation frustrations.

To accommodate the new mobile audience, some websites developed mobile-only versions, but usually with pared down content and functionality. This was better than nothing, but not satisfying for some users and troublesome for websites trying to stay abreast with the rapidly growing choices of mobile devices.


As the prevalent method of accessing the web continues to trend toward mobile access by people on the go, websites must accommodate their users or get left behind. Most major players on the web now have sites designed with strategies that permit rapid loading on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. Today’s users expect a good experience from any device and they may not return to sites that disappoint them.

The Responsive Design Solution

Responsive web design is an effective solution for adapting a website for today’s expanding mobile audience. A responsive design allows a website to fluidly change and respond to any display size or device.   Using fluid, proportioned based grid, the display adjusts dynamically to the viewing environment, changing the layout and sizing without compromising quality or reading ease.

Compare this sample website displayed on a computer monitor to the fluidly redisplayed view on a smart phone.

responsive browser view

Page viewed on a larger device

responsive mobile view

Page viewed on a smaller device

Thanks to a responsive web design, drastically different devices can enjoy a quality experience, without sacrificing content, load time or visual clarity.

To discuss how a responsive design can help you to reach a wider mobile audience, email CDT Micrographics or call us at (603) 778-6140.