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SCORM courses not marking as completed? The problem may be the browser.

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Since Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11 were released, there have been many reports of SCORM courses not marking as completed in an LMS environment. Other browsers are not having this problem.  The glitch is believed to be related to a paring back of Flash support in the recent releases of Internet Explorer. Fortunately, there is a workaround. If IE 10 and 11 users run the browser in “compatibility view,” SCORM tracking and course completion should work properly.
What is compatibility view? Compatibility view is a feature built into more recent versions of Internet Explorer. It allows the browser to present browser-based applications, designed for earlier versions of Internet Explorer, to continue to function as originally developed. Learn how to enable compatibility view.

tracking fix

You may not need to worry. Some authoring tools have already responded to this issue by providing software updates that will generate the additional code needed for SCORM courses to track correctly in recent releases of Internet Explorer. However, if you do experience course tracking problems in your LMS, enabling compatibility mode could resolve the issue.
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