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program toolkits

Program Toolkits include the tools to effect greater awareness, ground swell, sales, adoption, user productivity, and just-in-time support for your product or service.
User Readiness Resources in a Program Toolkit
Use the train-the-trainer videos to provide guidance on how to use and make the most of Program Toolkit resources.
User Training
User training videos are available. These can be used in addition to or in lieu of in-house presentations. These videos provide just in time instruction and information.
toolkit tipsheets
Give these to your user community on Day 1 to help them get started.
toolkit email
Send these email messages to your users (on Day T-10, T-5, Day 1, and Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6) to provide helpful tips as well as support and reassurance.
toolkit posters
Display these in public places to announce your rollout and to generate groundswell to boost the momentum.
toolkit guides
If you need in-house or webinar presentations, you can rely on these scripts and decks for sessions of 20 minutes each or less.
Product marketing, sales, training, and support teams share a number of dependencies with regard to their success in promoting and supporting a product or service.
The marketing and sales teams must become knowledgeable of a new product or service before they can successfully promote and sell it. In the marketing and sales process, these teams must be able to assure clients that their workforce will be readily able to adopt a product or service, and that effective training and support is available. Clients must believe that a product or service can be readily adopted and that their workforce will quickly become efficient with it. Clients must also regard product or service training and support as capable and robust. And the training and support departments must be empowered with the tools to support your teams and your clients.
A Program Toolkit is unique in that it is cohesive.
A Toolkit consists of a number of components designed to work together and compliment one another. It may include but not be limited to such components as:
  • train-the-trainer videos about how to use the various toolkit components
  • posters and flyers to promote the product
  • an email template library to announce the coming of a product, provide information during the critical rollout period and act as a mechanism to stay in contact with new users
  • a training toolkit consisting of slides and instructor guide or eLearning modules
  • a user tip sheet and/or job aid to enable end users ready reference to product functions
  • a quick reference guide
  • user training videos for training and just-in-time support
A Program Toolkit promotes awareness and adoption of your product or service and reduces the often overwhelming demands of rolling out a new offering or new version of an offering on your marketing, sales, training, and support teams.
CDT offers full services for Program Toolkit design and development. Contact us today to discuss your Program Toolkit needs.
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