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ILT Learning Content

CDT ILT learning content has been developed in collaboration with industry subject matter experts and sponsoring organizations. Content reflects current standards, safe practices and laws specific to the content.

CDTLearning content includes awareness and basic training in the categories of General, Workplace, Industrial, Hazardous Materials, Petrochemical, Food Service, and Business and Financial Ethics. All CDTLearning courses are available in live onsite instructor-led format. Instructor-led training continues to be desirable and advantageous to many organizations for a variety of reasons.

Instructor-led training allows the instructor to adapt content to the learning needs of the audience. Lesson plans can be tailored to accommodate baseline learner awareness and time constraints. And live session attendees are typically more focused, engaged, and not subject to the interruptions of normal workday distractions.

Advantages of ILT

The experience and insight of a live instructor provides the audience the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification and participate in conversation and live exercises with the instructor and other attendees. Interactive discussion can add value by enabling focus on areas of interest, complexity, and controversy.

Tracking and Reporting

CDT offers options for the documentation of training. Options include printed reports, digital reports, Microsoft Excel files, comma or tab delimited data for import into your applications, and tracking and access to the CDTLearning LMS which enables you to run a number of standard reports.

Booklet Courses

All CDTLearning courses are available in booklet format. Instructor-led training can be reinforced with CDTLearning booklet courses in print or digital format, and can be provided to attendees before or after the training event.

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