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Hire a CDT Team

Hire a CDT team to function as your internal eLearning development group. You will significantly improve development capacities and reduce workforce-related costs.

CDT will assign an eLearning design and development team dedicated to producing the quality custom eLearning courses you identify. We will create a team comprised of the resources required to meet your needs. A CDT Team can work on one or more course development initiatives during the term of an engagement, and the duration of an engagement can range from a single month to a year or more.

Engaging an experienced CDT Team provides the following advantages:

  • Recruitment – we provide our customers with the experienced workforce required
  • Attrition – contracting a CDT Team ensures that appropriate resources are always available
  • No Idle Workforce – as a Team member’s tasks are completed, they can be removed from the team
  • Expertise – CDT Team resources are highly experienced and efficient
  • Educate and Guide your Personnel – CDT Team members can teach and guide your T&D personnel

Engaging an experienced CDT Team reduces the following costs:

Team Building
Project Startup Time
Wages & Taxes
Employee Benefits
Sick Days
Team resources may include instructional design, graphics and animation, course authoring, programming, quality assurance, project management, and LMS administration personnel. Our personnel are proficient in developing Standards Guidelines, navigational frameworks, robust content presentation structures, and engaging interactive functionality, custom designed to meet your specific training needs and business strategy. Courses produced are both AICC and SCORM compliant, and can be integrated into any industry standard Learning Management System.
A CDT team will collaborate with you to accurately assess current as well as future training needs, the technology approach, utilization and training of in house resources, development of reusable course architectures, options for user and performance tracking and reporting, and integration with existing Learning Management Systems. We’ll work with you to meet your urgent, one time, or long-term training and information delivery needs.

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