Online Strategies to Promote Business Goals


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Program Toolkits promote awareness and adoption of your product or service and reduce the often overwhelming demands on your marketing, sales, training, and support teams.

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Learning Technologies Are Boosting Agility

more likely to be first to market
greater employee productivity
better response to customer needs
greater ability to deliver quality products
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How Can CDT Help You?

Custom eLearning

CDT understands the importance of tailoring learning objectives and content delivery to the outcomes you desire, as well as the needs of your audience.

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Asset Conversion

Corporations and individuals invest considerable time and effort in development of training and information assets. Converting these to online format will leverage their benefit.

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LMS Consulting and Services

CDT offers consulting and assessment of your Learning Management System needs to guide and assist you in establishing the most appropriate solution.

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Hire a CDT Team

Hire a CDT team to function as your internal eLearning development group. You will significantly improve development capacities and reduce workforce-related costs.

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