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CDTLearning! is an online learning solution geared to small and mid-size businesses and organizations.

Online learning solutions have been enjoyed by large, well-funded companies and organizations for years, while smaller companies and organizations with more limited budgets, have struggled to meet training needs. CDTLearning provides a flexible, affordable and powerful online learning solution designed to meet the learning needs of today’s small to mid-size organizations.

CDTLearning is an online learning environment comprised of both a feature-rich LMS and libraries of core training courses. It is available in just the configuration you need now, and will grow with you as your needs require and budget allows. Sign up for what you need, as you need it!

Register and license courses right from the CDTLearning portal, or we will brand a learning portal just for your organization. Use our layout and functionality with your branding, or we will completely brand and build a learning portal to your design. Your custom branded portal can be as simple or as robust as your needs require, and is configured to grow with you. Either way, CDTLearning documents your delivery of training and each user’s performance, enabling you to meet recordkeeping requirements.

CDTLearning! includes:

  • a secure hosted Learning Management System
  • a registration and event management system
  • a content management system
  • a document management system
  • a powerful administrative management system
  • a reporting system
  • selectable CDTLearning! content

A customized CDTLearning! portal can include:

  • training materials that you’ve developed
    • courses
    • presentations
    • recordings
    • documents
    • live events
    • integrated webinars
    • assessments
    • surveys
  • selectable CDTLearning! content

CDTLearning! is AICC and SCORM compliant.
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